ULCC | 3D Church

"Dedicated, demonstrative and determined to spread light, love and hope."  


We believe the real church begins beyond the walls of worship houses. ULCC is not a Sunday morning organization but an everyday living organism. We are not just a church among you, but we are a part of you; we are with you and for you.


ULCC is “church in 3D: dedicated to service; demonstrative in faith, love and worship and determined to be disciples who go about changing lives and being the change we want to see.


Over the past 25 years, we've illuminated the city of Macon, Central Georgia, and various parts of the globe spreading light, love, and hope! For our 25th year "Silver Jubilee," we added two signature events Get Lit Sunday and our Annual Trolley TurnUp! The last Sunday of the month we take to the streets with random acts of kindness and love and the Sunday before Christmas, we board the Macon Trolley and travel the city spreading Christmas joy.



  • Annual Christmas Giveaway - served over 700 families 

  • Get Lit Sunday | Trolly Christmas Turn Up!

  • Pay Up - Partnered with EEOC in paying a million dollars in utility bills over the past 25 years!

  • Soles 4 Souls Shoe Drive  - Donated hundreds of pairs of shoes to the Rescue Mission.

  • Annual School Supply Drive

  • Missionaries to Haiti for over 16 years. 

  • Support PCAP Orphanage in Port Au Prince, Haiti

  • Ministered in Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Haiti

  • Sponsored children in Thailand, Haiti, Makadesh, and West Africa

  • Partnership with Macon Youth Development Center (YDC)

  • Successful GED program

  • Boy Scouts Troop 

  • SideBar - Social/Current Issues Forums (topics include: Suicide, All Lives Matter, etc.)